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There are some body-related common issues on the mind of people across the globe. Weight issue has bothered us all at one point or other. All attempts fail one after the other and people tend to get frustrated when nothing seems to be working effectively.

A fit body is dream for many. You tried every bit, followed all advices. You have cut your sugar intake, kept distance from dairy products and yet the result is disheartening.

If you are still dreaming for getting that perfect shape in the least possible time, enjoy great body with Ayurveda by following these easy tips.

Take light food 4 hours before going to bed

All trying to shed some pounds must be aware that a heavy dinner is blocking your way to good health as well as fit body. Research suggests that heavy dinner does not get digested fully and increases weight.

According to Ayurveda, digestion works the least in evening and when we are asleep, our digestion, metabolism are at rest too. Thus the heavy meal in dinner remains undigested and causes weight gain.

The food remains inside body undigested and produces toxins and fat. This mistake could be nullifying all your other attempts at becoming fit.

What not to eat in dinner?

Cheese, rich desserts, red meat, cold food, processed food and yogurt should not be consumed in dinner. Starch, fish, rice are also prohibited. Dinner should be light, hot, liquid and vegetarian.

Take heavy lunch: In daytime, the digestion works with full efficiency. At lunch, you can increase your intake since you have to reduce your dinner. A variety of ingredients can be included in the lunch. Though cold things can be eaten, it is better to eat warm dishes. Every day eating cold food leads to ama (a name given to condition in Ayurveda when undigested food chocks the body’s channels).

Include different ingredients in lunch: Losing weight and getting a fit body is our motive. Since we have cut many items from our list of intake in the dinner, lunch should be full of variety. Heavy lunch won’t let you feel hungry for long and by the time your body needs food, you are ready to have something light.

Drink lots of water: Water is just not a drinkable thing but a whole weight loss agent. From the time your day starts, water intake can do wonders in your bid to lose weight. Drink ginger, lemon mixed warm water on empty stomach. Try to drink warm water in day as well. It will cleanse your body inside, clearing out the digestive tract.

Avoid leftover food at all cost: Ayurveda says eat fresh food and get filled with prana. The implied meaning is that fresh food is as good as oxygen for living.

Ayurveda concept about weight gain

Ayurveda considers high possibility of increasing weight among people of kapha type (mainly constituted on water and earth). Vata type of people (primarily constituted of air and earth) remain skinny. The fire types or people with pitta dosha are usually fit and gain weight if balance goes bad.

When you start putting on weight, Ayurveda believes that your kapha dosha has affected the working of fat metabolism. Only being strict and disciplined, weight can be controlled, which include proper diet and exercise.

For reducing body weight, medhadhatu is to be brought down through exercise.

Many yoga poses work wonders. Exercises as pranayama strengthen metabolism and thus extra fat gets reduced.

Stop hitting bed in daytime. It increases kapha and body weight as well.

With oil massages called Udvartana and enemas weight loss can be achieved.

Udvartana improves blood circulation, loosens up fat molecules and clear out kapha toxins.

A glass full of lukewarm water, half lemon juice and honey on empty stomach paves way to weight loss.

Ayurveda for weight loss

A well planned diet and a whole special programme with various asanas not only ensure weight loss but also promise extremely good working body organs.

Yoga asanas including trikon, bhujang, suryanamaskar and pranayama work wonders for full body and give amazing result on overall health.

Obesity in Ayurveda

Aatisthula or medhoroga are ayurvedic names of obesity. It is referred as the nindyaprakruties (undesirable condition) of the body. Rishi Charak had described obesity as medoroga (a disease). According to ayurveda, medas (fat) overpowers other dhatus (tissue) and leaves them undernourished.

Ayurvedic medicine for obesity

Guggulu, Shilajit, Triflachuran, Mandoorbhasm, Swarnmaksik and Giloy are some elements which have medicinal effect against obesity. Some of these are extremely hard on body and should be taken only after getting prescribed by a medical practitioner.

Ayurvedic diet to lose weight

 Food items having sugar or fat should not be consumed on daily basis. Food items tasting pungent, bitter and astringent are good for health. Oats, honey, barley, pulses, vegetables, ginger, bitter gourd, amla, soya, non-fatty fruits should be part of daily diet. 

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