Home Centre launches SATH to improve health sector

Centre launches SATH to improve health sector

With an aim to transform the country s health sector the Narendra Modi government on Saturday launched the Sustainable Action for Transforming Human Capital (SATH) programme.

According to an official statement the SATH programme which aims to identify and build three future role model states for health systems will be implemented by the NITI Aayog along with private companies selected through a competitive bidding process.

The NITI Aayog has invited all states and Union Territories to participate in the competitive programme it said.

The role model states would be chosen through a process - expression of interest presentations by the states and assessment of commitment to health sector reforms it said adding that final selection would then be done through further evaluations and objective assessment of criteria affecting potential for impact and likelihood of success.

Sixteen states have expressed their interest to be a part of the programme and 14 of them have made their presentations to the NITI Aayog it added.

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